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Working with and celebrating Wrexham business and community

Wrexham Business & Community Awards group stands as a vibrant pillar in the community of Wrexham, fostering a robust network of local entrepreneurs, professionals, social enterprises and business enthusiasts. Each year, the group hosts the prestigious Wrexham Business & Community Awards, an event dedicated to celebrating the achievements and innovations of local businesses and community groups. 

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We are here to celebrate

Wrexham business

2023 - It was only the beginning…

Our inaugural 2023 awards celebrated the outstanding achievements of individuals and organisations within our Wrexham business community, charity sector and social enterprises.

It was an opportunity to recognise the remarkable contributions made by the successful award winners (and nominees) who have demonstrated excellence and innovation in their respective fields.

The occasion was accompanied by excellent locally sourced food, talented entertainment and a fantastic host, a truly memorable evening.


Become a 2024 sponsor

We have some amazing opportunities this year to become a sponsor for the year and enjoy some exclusive business benefits and of course a place in our awards ceremony in November this year .

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About us

We are a small group of like-minded professionals with a common goal to celebrate all that Wrexham has to offer.

There is so much to be proud of and we felt it was high time to acknowledge the amazing work that goes on with businesses and the community, all of which contributes to making Wrexham a great place to live and work.


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